Blanco Rectangular Chandelier Ceiling Medallion 94 inches

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Product Description

Blanco Rectangular Chandelier Ceiling Medallion 94 inch is a large fully assembled and intricately finished Ceiling Medallion. Measuring 94 X 3 X 51 inchesTall. This creation comes prefinished in a tasteful Blanco Finish, a subtle contrast of neutral White and Beige featuring a recessed center panel with slightly raised floral pattern detail. Hand Cast in a lightweight Polystyrene that will never shrink split or crack. The lighter weight makes installations easier. This Medallion design features an outer cabochon border with intermittent spaces open for spacing in simply securing with sheetrock screws and, or hollow wall drywall anchors. Decorative caps are provided to cover your screw heads for a perfect profession looking install. This completely finished Architectural Ceiling Medallion creates instant 3 dimensional detail to an otherwise boring plain ceiling. It also offers a crowning Elegance to a Chandelier Installation, which is a perfect time to upgrade and install your selected Medallion. Prior to the creation of this prefinished medallion collection, the idea of adding such a detail would have best been added during construction of the home or during a major renovation. An addition of this level of detail would have required a carpenter, a finisher, and a faux finisher, it would be very expensive and very messy installation. The expansive collection offered of Timeless Creation Medallions by AFD Home offers a wide selection of affordable sizes, shapes, and finishes enabling you to find a perfect solution to enhance your interior design and add value to your Home or Business Hollow wall anchors are not provided.


    • Ships Assembled And Prefinished
    • Light Weight, Non-shrinking, Durable, maintenance Free Construction
    • Design Engineered For Easy Installation
    • Large Rectangular Medallion Perfect For Grand Applications
    • Adds Architectural Detail To Otherwise Plain Ceiling Space
    • Big Look At An Affordable Price Ceiling Medallions Can Add To Your Homes Value


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  • Weight: 46 lb
  • Width: 194 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 51 in
  • Features: Ships Assembled And PrefinishedLight Weight, No shrinking, Durable, maintenance Free ConstructionDesign Engineered For Easy InstallationLarge Rectangular Medallion Perfect For Grand Appli
  • Catalog: BAN-BRC1324-Q-F
  • Dimensions: 94.00 x 3.00 x 51.00

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