Complete Farmhouse Wood Natural Coffee Table Set of 3

Heritage Benchmade Furniture

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Product Description

Complete Farmhouse Wood Natural Coffee Table Set of 3. Affordable yet appropriately fashioned for a more relaxed coastal or American Farmhouse life style. Set Includes 1 Farmhouse Wood Natural Coffee Cocktail Table and 2 Farmhouse Wood Natural Accent Side End Table. The items are all hand carved and hand made using Reclaimed Pine from New Zealand which is imported and used for the wood affect of this purists collection. The table is sold separately and pairs perfectly with the with the Coastal Arm or Side Chairs chair as well as any of the items from the Coastal Series


  • Features: A Complete Farmhouse Natural Cocktail Set of 3Hand crafted in Authentic Imported Reclaimed New Zealand Pine, reclaimed wood is old repurposed wood rescued from old barns, houses, barns, boxcars and wine barrels.<li
  • Catalog: I-JM-HRC046-HRC
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