Manor Grande Frame 36X36OEW

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Product Description

Interior size is 36 x 36 with an overall exterior dimension of 52 x 52 with a profile width of 8″ and a profile height of 3.25″ . Our Manor Grand frame is a very beautiful and popular larger scale frame. The frame is made in wood with a hand finish on the outer edge and inner liner of antiqued old English gold leafing that subtly allows the undertones to come through the broken gold creating an interesting affect. The deep inner scoop is finished in a mahogany burgundy wood tone. The distinct finishes used combine to create a very well defined and stately framing result. A FRAMERS CHOICE SELECTION !!!


  • Weight: 33 lb
  • Width: 52 in
  • Depth: 3.3 in
  • Height: 52 in
  • Catalog: F58336X36OEW
  • Dimensions: 52.00 x 3.25 x 52.00

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