Seasoned Splendor Frame 30X40MWS

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Product Description

Interior size is 30 x 40 with an overall exterior dimension of 48 x 58 with a profile width of 9″ and a profile height 2.75″ . Our Seasoned Splendor Frame is an aggressive large frame. The frame is made by combining many larger solid wood profiles. The finish is an all over burgundy wood tone with interesting techniques applied by the finishers of enhancing the affect of the surfaces and then applying a contrasting antique that binds into and draws out the details. The distinct finish and massive scale all combine to create a frame that will be very dramatic as well as define the subject and the interior application used in, and with as important. The design works with a variety of subjects and interiors such as western, Mediterranean, traditional or classic. Also a distinguishing addition for a commercial application .


  • Width: 48 in
  • Height: 58 in

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